A little about me.

I work as a freelance marine biologist, photographer, expedition ship wildlife guide and expedition leader. Essentially that means I do a lot of travelling (very bad for my carbon footprint, I know – I do try to offset this as much as possible in other aspects of my life).  For much of my professional life I worked as a marine biological consultant, conducting underwater (diving and remote camera) biological seabed surveys.  I now spend more of my time guiding and lecturing on expedition ships, and involved with the logistics of expedition travel.  However, wildlife photography, in particular underwater photography, has always been my passion.  I see photography as a tool to inform and educate about the both the beauty and life histories of animals and plants. 


This year (2017) I will be working in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, The Philippines, Ecuador, Panama, Colombia, The Dutch Antilles, Portugal, Spain, The UK, Australia and the South Pacific.  I will try and update this website, my blog, and my image libraries as often as possible.  There will undoubtedly be numerous gaps when nothing is uploaded.  This does not mean the site is dormant, but is simply a reflection of their often being very limited (and slow) internet available on board ship, and some countries (e.g. Papua New Guinea) WiFi is largely unavailable outside the big cities.  Thus blogs are often written and photographs uploaded using airport WiFi at ungodly hours of the day or in cafes at some port of call. 


If you’ve taken the time to read this far then hopefully you will also spend a little time browsing my images.  Feedback is always welcome.