Christmas is coming, and with this thought in mind I’ve produced a new range of fine art prints on canvas.

I spent this Hallowe’en in a small, backpacking two-man tent with my ten year old son, near the base of Ben Nevis.  It had been a wet and chilly day, with gale force winds howling across Rannoch Moor and through Glen Coe when we passed though earlier in the day.  As we sat in a pub restuarant in Fort William, thawing and drying out over large plates of chips, I gave him the choice of bailing.  We could stay in a hotel tonight if you like?  But no, we had planned to camp and camping was what he wanted to do.  I was pleased by his gumption (though part of me was thinking a warm, dry hotel wasn’t such a bad idea). So, by 8pm that evening we were tucked up in sleeping bags listening to the steady patter of rain on the tent walls whilst eating tinned curry by the weak candlelight emanating from a pumpkin lantern.

Tinned curry by candlelight. Hallowe'en in a two-man tent, on a very wet night in Glen Nevis. Colin Munro Photography

Tinned curry by candlelight. Hallowe’en in a two-man tent, on a very wet night in Glen Nevis.

Crawling out of our tent to face a sea of mud the following morning was a fairly grim affair.  However we managed to pack up with extraordinary speed and after a hot breakfast the World seemed a much better place.  The incessant rain had turned the River Nevis, impressive in ordinarly conditions, in to seething cauldron; much of the river was simply a thundering wall of white foam cascading down between the steep side of the Glen.  It would have been the perfect location for great photographs were it not for the incessant rain.  Each photo-opportunity had to be grabbed during the briefest intermission between downpours.  Even so, with everything thoroughly drenched it, lenses becoming fogged or coated with droplets, I was left with only a few useable images at the end of a long and chilly day.  Calum, on son, on the other hand stood up to the rigours admirably provided he was continually fed with chocolate.  We will certainly be back in 2014, and hopefully climbing Ben Nevis together – in the summer months!

Helping Calum (or Calum helping me?) ford a mountain stream in Glen Nevis. Colin Munro Photography

Helping Calum (or Calum helping me?) ford a mountain stream in Glen Nevis

A self timer pic as we headed up the glen.

River Nevis in spate, Glen Nevis, Scottish Highlands. Colin Munro Photography

River Nevis in spate, Glen Nevis, Scottish Highlands. Image MBI001493.

Signed canvas prints

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