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Art Prints, Wall Art bought direct from my website

I am always increasing the number of my images that you can buy, direct from my website, as wall art for home or office. So I thought it might be useful to break down the steps, from selecting and image all the way to getting the final print delivered. So the first thing is to head to

Colin Munro Images home page will look something like this (the main image will change). Click Buy Art Prints

Photo Labs.

Currently I use professional photolab Bay Photo Lab, in Santa Cruz, California, USA, as my primary print producer. I consider them one of the best print labs in the US, with a long history of supplying exceptional quality prints and an excellent service to professional photographers. If you use the automated ssyetm on my Colin Munro Images website (detailed below) the prints will be made and delivered by Bay Photos. They are also part of the Monterey Bay Area Green Business Programme, and actively working to minimise their environmental footprint. They will also ship internationally. If you are outside the US the shipping will be calculated on my website (see example below).

UK, Europe and Asia.

I also use excellent printers in London, UK, and Bangkok, Thailand. If you are in Europe or Asia, please email me with the photo code, the print style and the size, and I will arrange for it to be delivered from either London or Bangkok. If you are elsewhere in the World, and would really like a print, drop me an email and we’ll see what I can work out.

A screen shot of my Art Prints for Sale web page on website

Clicking on the Buy Photos button will take you to the next screen, where you will have the option to chose between Wall Art and Digital Downloads.

After pressing the Buy Photos button, this is the next screen you will see.

So, let’s assume you are looking for a photography to have on your wall, maybe a framed canvas print or acrylic on metal or an aluminium print.

Selecting the Wall Art menu will up a scrolling side bar with a number of choices: Traditional Canvas, Stretched Canvas, Flat Canvas, Acrylic on Metal and Metal Prints, with more info available on each (and I know, different picture, I decided to vary it).

So let’s say you chose Acrylic Metal. The sidebar will change to a menu of sizes and prices. As you scroll up and down you will see also that the highlighted area of the image will change as the aspect ratio of the size selected changes.

Once the media is selected you then have a choice of sizes (and aspect ratios). The image will crop, depending on the aspect ratio chosen. You can see this varying dynamically as you hover over each different size.

And the process is pretty much the same which ever media you select.

The process of size and aspect ratio slection is the more or less the same which ever media you select. Illustrated here is Stretched Canavas, with a different image (a pair of seals, in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland).

At the next screen you will be able to change the selected area of the image to be made into the final print. The white border can be cropped in or moved out, or re-positioned (depending on the aspect ration chosen).

At this next screen you can change the crop to be printed, or reposition, by dragging the white border. You also have the choice to order more than one print.

You will then proceed to the checkout process, where you also have the option to chose the currency.

The Art Prints Checkout, where you can enter Shipping Info and chose your currency.

The next screen allows you to submit your billing information. You can chose to pay with most major credit cards, or with PayPal.

Hopefully that’s fairly straightforward. Don;t forget, you can always email me with queries about prints if I haven’t answered your question here.

Fine art photographic prints, posters and greeting cards for sale on Fine Art America

Sunrise over the Navua River near Beqa Lagoon, Viti Levu, Fiji

I have recently made a number of my photographs available on the Fine Art America website.  Fine Art America has grown markedly over the past couple of years; this is probably due to the ease of use of the website – both for selling and buying artwork, and the wide range of sizes, materials and finishes available. I am particularly impressed with the 30 day money back offer if you decide you are unhappy with the artwork once you receive it. I think this is a great way to inspire confidence in the buyer when buying prints online. My photographs are available on Fine Art America as:

  • stretched canvas prints,
  • standard prints,
  • framed prints (with a vast range of frame styles to choose from)
  • acrylic prints (printed directly on 1/4 inch clear acrylic sheets, ready to mount)
  • metal prints (printed directly on 1/16th inch aluminium, surrounded by a wooden frame),
  • greeting cards (5 x 7 inch, your own personalised message added)

Below you can see a few examples of the images I have for sale as prints on Fine Art America.


The Cobb, Lyme Regis, at low water. Lyme Regis harbour. Colin Munro Photography

The Cobb, Lyme Regis, at low water. Lyme Regis harbour. Image 1415, available as a canvas wrap framed print through my Etsy store.


Blue shark, Prionace glauca. A female blue shark swimming close to the surface off Southwest Cornwall, UK.

A blue shark passes close by.


Sunrise over the Navua River near Beqa Lagoon, Viti Levu, Fiji

Sunrise over the Navua River near Beqa Lagoon, Viti Levu, Fiji


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